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1. Section 03200 ­ Concrete Reinforcement. 2. Section 03300 ­ Cast ­in ­Place Concrete. 3. Section 03450 ­ Architectural Precast Concrete. 1.2 REFERENCES: A. ACI 301: Specifications for Structural Concrete for Buildings. B. ACI 303: Guide to Cast ­in ­Place Architectural Concrete Practice.

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03450 - PLANT-PRECAST ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE Page 1 of 1 SECTION 03450 PLANT-PRECAST CONCRETE PART 1 - GENERAL 1. Dartmouth College must visit pre-cast plant prior to accepting the supplier and the product. 2. 5 recent references must be provided prior to the college and the architect considering the precaster. 3.


Section 03330 - Architectural Concrete. Section 03450 - Plant Precast Architectural Concrete. Section 03470 - Tilt-Up Precast Concrete. Section 04200 - Masonry Units. Section 05120 - Structural Steel. REFERENCES ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete references from the list below that are not actually required by the text of the edited section.

This Specification Index is based on the Construction

DIVISION 3 - CONCRETE 03100 Concrete Formwork 03200 Concrete Reinforcement 03230 Stressing Tendons 03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete 03350 Concrete Finishing 03371 Shotcrete 03450 Precast Architectural Concrete 03451 Architectural Precast Concrete DIVISION 4 - MASONRY 04812 Masonry Veneer 04820 Reinforced Unit Masonry Assemblies

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3310 Concrete Material Suppliers 3330 Architectural Concrete 3362 Polished Concrete Floor Finish 3371 Concrete Pumps (Equipment) 3410 Plant-Precast Structural & Post Tensioned Concrete 3450 Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete 3500 Cementitious Decks, Underlayment & Topping 3900 Concrete Restoration and Cleaning / Sealants Division 04

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____03000 Concrete Work ____03100 Concrete Forms & Accessories ____03101 Concrete Ready Mix Suppliers ____03200 Concrete Reinforcement ____03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete

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034100 Plant-Precast Structural Concrete 035400 Cement-Based Underlayment DIVISION 04 - MASONRY 048100 Unit Masonry DIVISION 05 - METALS 051200 Structural Steel 053100 Steel Deck A411 ARCHITECTURAL - SECTION DETAILS A412 ARCHITECTURAL - SECTION DETAILS A501 ARCHITECTURAL - CIRCULATION

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D. Section 03450 - Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete. E. Section 03460 - Site-Precast Architectural Concrete. F. Section 03470 - Tilt-Up Precast Concrete. 1.3 REFERENCES A. ASTM International (ASTM): 1. ASTM C 31 - Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete

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The plant is equipped with a reliable state of the art concrete distribution system using 4 flying buckets, capable of delivering up to 13ft/sec (240 metres per minute), served by 4 high intensive output planetary mixer 3000/2000 with an output capacity of 2.6 y3 per cycle (2.0 m3): every mixer is equipped with 2 discharging gates in order to

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SECTION 03410 - PLANT-PRECAST STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Subject: PLANT-PRECAST STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Author: ARCOM, Inc. Keywords: BAS-12345-MS80 Last modified by: Scott Wilson Created Date: 3/29/ 1:32:00 AM Company: Yost Grube Hall Architecture Other titles: SECTION 03410 - PLANT-PRECAST STRUCTURAL CONCRETE

Public Works Division | Design Consultant Criteria Manual

The State of Hawaii, Department of Accounting & General Services, Public Works Division ("Department") created this Design Consultant Criteria Manual (DCC Manual) to guide, assist, and instruct the Department's design professional consultants and others who are engaged by the Department to design and provide construction administrative services for the Department's projects; by

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Precast Concrete Slabs • Used for floor and roof decks. • Deeper elements (toward the right below) span further than those that are shallower (toward the left). • Right: Hollow core slabs stacked at the precasting plant. PRECAST, PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS 7. Precast Concrete Beams and Girders • Provide support for slabs.

Standard Estimating Practice, 10E - American Society of

Standard Estimating Practice is an invaluable "how to" reference manual on the practice of estimating construction projects. It includes basic information applicable to all aspects of estimating and also includes specific information on a wide variety of specialty estimates arranged in the CSI format.

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Included in the specifications is section 03 42 13.00 10 Plant-Precast Concrete Products for Below Grade. However, no below grade precast concrete could be located on the drawings. Additionally, drawing S-002 Concrete Note #2 calls for piers, foundation walls, and retaining walls to be cast in place concrete. Please confirm that below grade

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DIVISION 1 - 8/29/97 01000 1 DIVISION 1 - GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 01000. INTRODUCTION .1 INTENT The Northwestern University Construction Standards were written by the Office of the University

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COMPOSITE ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE PANELS PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. This Section includes the following: 1. Composite architectural precast concrete panel units. 1.2 QUALIFICATIONS A. Design: Panels shall be designed under the supervision of a Structural Engineer registered

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Subcontractor. Subcontractor Over $5M. Vendor (sells items for construction uses) Professional (provides professional services) Related Company (owned 50% or more by a member) Sustaining Member (organizations and personnel) General Contractor Council. SubAccounts. ASA Chicago Team.


03450 plant-precast architectural concrete division 04 - masonry 04200 masonry volume 2 division 05 - metals 5090 welding, structural 5091 ultrasonic inspection of weldments section 01010 general project description and design requirements part 1 general 1.1 scope

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SECTION 03450 ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE 1. PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. B. Architectural precast concrete units for the buildings as indicated on the drawings. Miscellaneous Materials: Support attachments, pedestals, bearing materials related to Work. devices, anchors, pads and other.

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Division 03 Section "Precast Low Temperature Architectural Concrete" 1.03 DEFINITIONS Structurally Composite Wythe Connectors: Structurally composite wythe connectors designed to transfer high shear forces that are generated due to longitudinal bending from one concrete wythe to the other, thus providing composite action.

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03450-1 SECTION 03450 PLANT-PRECAST ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Architectural precast concrete wall panels. B. Architectural precast concrete lintels, sills, copings, and trim. C. Architectural precast concrete pavers. D. Supports, anchors, and attachments. E. Perimeter and intermediate joint seals.

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Precast Concrete Precast Concrete Slabs •Used for floor and roof decks. •Deeper elements (toward the right below) span further than those that are shll (t dthlft)hallower (toward the left). •Right: Hollow core slabs stacked at the precasting plant. Precast Concrete Precast Concrete Beams and Girders

Addendum No. 2 to Project Manual, Technical Specifications

CITY OF ROCK HILL PLANT PRECAST ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE Wiedeman and Singleton, Inc. Add No.2, Page 1 of 7 SECTION 03 45 00 PLANT PRECAST ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SCOPE A. Provide plant-precast architectural concrete Work shown and specified. 1.2 REFERENCES A. American Concrete Institute (ACI.) 1.

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CONCRETE PANELS • No need for abrading the surface prior for better adhesion • Superior R-value for more efficient concrete walls • Ideal for site-cast tilt-up, plant precast and cast-in-place EnergyShield ® PanelCast ™ Continuous Concrete Insulation 17 Excellent performance in under slab applications.

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UFGS 03 40 00.00 10 Plant-Precast Concrete Products for Below Grade Construction: Aug-2006: D: Superseded by UFGS 03 42 13.00 10 with no title change. Note: The last published PDF version of this Section is available in the previous release in the UFGS Archives. Aug-2006: A: UFGS 03 40 00.00 10 Plant-Precast Concrete Products for Below Grade

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03410 Plant Precast Structural Concrete 03450 Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete . DIVISION 4 - MASONRY Section Number Title Latest Revision 04810 Unit Masonry Assemblies 04815 Glass Unit Masonry Assemblies 04860 Stone Veneer Assemblies 04900 Masonry Restoration and Cleaning . DIVISION 5 - METALS Section Number Title Latest Revision

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SECTION 03450 ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE This Section uses the term "Architect." Change this term to match that used to identify the design professional as defined in the General and Supplementary Conditions. Verify that Section titles


Specification Section Manufacturer Item or model number Cast Stone Russell or National Cast Stone Cast stone units 04435 HVAC Units Aon Any RTU, air handler, etc. Controllers Raptor Controller Siemens 15970 Mammoth Innovent Architectural Concrete Panels Universal Concrete Products 03450 LED Interior Lighting 15 Division 16502 Ascendia Heatron

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SECTION 03450 ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Related Sections: 1. 03100 - Concrete Formwork 2. 03200 - Concrete Reinforcement 3. 03300 - Cast-in-Place Concrete 4. 03600 - Grout 5. 07900 - Joint Sealers 1.02 REFERENCES A. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):

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03 41 00 Plant-Precast Structural Concrete 03 45 00 Precast Architectural Concrete . DIVISION 04 - MASONRY . Section 04 42 00 Concrete Unit Masonry . DIVISION 05 - METALS . Section 05 50 00 Metal Fabrications 05 51 13 Metal Pan Stairs 05 70 10 Decorative Metal Fabrications . DIVISION 06 - WOOD, PLASTICS, AND COMPOSITES. Section 06 10 53