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TC 3-22.90 (FM 3-22.90) Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution will be unlimited. *This publication supersedes FM 3-22.90, 7 December 2007

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A mortar is a a short, smoothbore gun for firing shells (technically called bombs) at high angles. Mortars can be dismounted or mounted onto a vehicle. Dismounted mortars consist of a tube, a bipod, a baseplate, and a sight. Each mortar round consists of the projectile body, fins, an ignition cartridge, propelling charges, an obturator band - DEFCA412B - Operate a mortar

3.2 Ammunition is visually inspected and defects are reported to supervisor. 3.3 Weapon drills are conducted in accordance with standard procedures. 3.4 Mortar is fired in an operational environment and in accordance with orders. 4. Maintain and stow the mortar . 4.1 Weapon and associated equipment are cleaned and serviced as required.

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5. Hit probability, Japanese grenade discharger and mortar shells 6. Japanese artillery ammunition 7. Distribution of weapons in Japanese triangular infantry division 8. German guns and howitzers 9. German small arms ammunition 10. German mortar ammunition 11. German artillery ammunition 12.

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PEO Ammunition began fielding the lightweight M224A1 60mm mortar systems, in July 2010. More than 1,300 M224A1 60mm lightweight mortar systems have been fielded so far. "The units love them.

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Marines Pick Loitering Munition To Arm Light Vehicles And Drone Boats So-called "suicide drones" will give Marine units a new option for finding threats and engaging them precisely on land and at sea.

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Apr 22,  · Ammunition for the Type 3 mortar is issued disassembled, but with all components packed in the same box. To prepare a round for firing, the shipping plug is pulled from the booster cavity, and the fuze locked in place by screwing in the set screw located in the nose of the projectile.

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Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts. Scranton Operations. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Scranton Operations, produces a wide range of projectile and mortar metal parts for large caliber cannons, artillery, as well as aircraft and naval platforms. As the principle Operating Contractor for the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant (SCAAP

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DML's kit is a beautifully executed early production M4 version of the mortar carrier and uses the entire M2/M2A1 verbatim with the addition of another 32 parts to cover the altered internal components of the rear body, the new rear end with door, and the mortar itself.

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3. The mortar training device of claim 1, wherein said barrel firing position includes elevation angle, azimuth angle and horizontal level position. 4. The mortar training device of claim 1, wherein said barrel has a cylindrical wall with an opening therein for removing the simulated mortar cartridge after the simulated firing. 5.

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Global Military Ammunition Markets 2020-2025: Platform (Land Force, Navy and Air Force), Product (Missile, Rocket, Artillery Shell, Bomb, Mortar Ammunition, Bullet, and Grenade), and Guidance

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SIGHTING SYSTEM. The Hirtenberger 60mm mortar systems is equiped with the R08 mortar sight for indirect aiming process in azimuth and elevation. For a quick and easy setting of the elevation the mortar, the R08 sight is featuring a interchnageable metal plate which is carring the differnt ballistic data of the ammunition.

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mortar ammunition safety & arming mechanism connects the power source to the electronic circuit and aligns the the SAM body and by dropping down of detent in the groove provided on the fuze body. The dropping action of components are constructed and designed to understand the design and its functioning. Preliminary Design of Miniature

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The baseline projectile/mortar disassembly process produces three material exit streams: (1) liquid chemi- cal agent; (2) energetic components, including sheared burster pieces, intact fuzes, and supplementary charges; and (3) metal munition bodies containing some residual agent but no energetics.


This cartridge is An Infrared (IR) Illuminating round developed for use in the I-81mm M252 Mortar System to take advantage of the night vision device and reduce friendly forces exposure to the enemy.

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The 120mm 2B14-1 mortar ammo set includes fragmentation, illuminating and smoke rounds. For 120mm mortars the enterprise developed HE/frag, illuminating, incendiary and smoke burning-type rounds. The mortar bombs are fitted both with multi-sectional and long-range propelling charges to ensure an increased fire range.

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Jul 07,  · The 120mm mortar will replace the aging, heavy 4.2 inch mortar system currently in use. The M933/934 consists of the following major components: Projectile Body Assembly

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M82 Mortar 82mm. The M-82 mortar is a powerful weapon for small battle units, intended for destroying the manpower and firearms of the enemy, located in the open in hasty shelters and behind barriers. The mortar contributes to the higher effectiveness of firing, it is a reliable means for accompanying the infantry, and is successfully used in

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This original World War II M2 ammunition bag was a large carrying vest worn on the bodies of ammunition carriers. Its large front and back pockets held various loads such as boxed MG ammo, bazooka rockets, and mortar shells. These M2 vests were manufactured in tan or green canvas and do not


Dec 18,  · The M224 Mortar is used to provide high-angle fire for close-in support of ground troops. It is a 60mm smooth bore cannon utilized for dropping anti-personnel high explosives from great angles. Y'all generally have seen them in the movies. IRL, they're a bit like that, but this's the real no shitter.

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Brandt Mle CM60A1. The Brandt Mle CM60A1, also known as the Brandt HB 60LP, MCB-60 HB, or simply as the Brandt 60mm LP Gun-Mortar, [5] is a 60mm (2.36 in.) gun-mortar. [4] Unlike conventional infantry mortars, it was not designed to be mounted on a bipod and a baseplate, but rather in the turrets of armoured fighting vehicles. [6]

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M120 120mm Mortar. The M120 120mm Mortar replaces the M30 4.2 Inch Mortar in motorized infantry units. The M120 is transported on the M1100 Trailer by the M998 High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The M120, like all other US mortars, fires fin-stabilized ammunition from a smooth bore.

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The M224 Mortar is used to provide high-angle fire for close-in support of ground troops. It is a 60mm smooth bore cannon utilized for dropping anti-personnel high explosives from great angles. Y'all generally have seen them in the movies. IRL, they're a bit like that, but this's the real no shitter.

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Physical Properties of Mortar Cement Mortars (ASTM C 270) *When structural reinforcement is incorporated in (cement-lime or) mortar cement mortar, the maximum air content shall be 12%. Note: Physical properties listed in Table 2 and Table 3 are measured in accordance with prescribed laboratory test procedures.

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Apr 01,  · Another automated vehicle-mounted mortar is the Cardom developed by Soltam, now part of Elbit Systems. It can be armed with a 120 mm or an 81 mm smoothbore mortar and is fitted with electric drives for automatic laying, state-of-the-art embedded fire control system, inertial navigation system and on-board ballistic computer which can be integrated in a battle management system

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Isis is developing its own arsenal of military grade weapons and ammunition including rockets, mortar rounds and bombs - as it battles to defend territory across Syria and Iraq, a report has found.

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Now Dragon has available an exciting 1/35 scale kit of the Sd.Kfz.250/7 alte 8cm Mortar Carrier. It is far more than the sum of its components that were previously available from Dragon - an Sd.Kfz.250 halftrack and an 8cm mortar - for it has a many great brand new parts. The one-piece upper hull (from the hood to the rear plate) is

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The 60 mm mortar ANTOS is intended for paratroops and special units. High trajectory, short time to take up firing position, high rate of fire, sufficient accuracy of fire and powerful fragmentation effect at the bomb impact predetermine the mortar for special operations, especially in rear of the enemy.

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Feb 02,  · Along with the procurement of advanced mortar systems, the companies are also acquiring advanced ammunition for the mortar systems. In this regard, in April , Elbit Systems announced that it was awarded a contract worth USD 30 million to supply STYLET, a precise Guided Mortar Munition (GMM), to an undisclosed customer in Asia-Pacific region.

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The modern smoothbore U.S. Army mortar (figure 1) is basically a gun tube with a firing pin fixed to the breech end. Muzzle loaded and gravity fed, the mortar round is completely self-contained with a flight body, a payload, a primer, a booster charge of black powder, and an igniter charge contained in a high-pressure canister within the tail boom.

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Strong Stator and Rotor Hot Sale BP Series Mortar Plaster Screw Pump. Mortar Plaster Screw Pump : Product Description 1 Conjoined gear motor : 1.1 Gear motor : compact structure, small size,high capacity for bearing overload,low energyconsumption, superior performance, high