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Cellular lightweight concrete, also known as foamed concrete has been on the market for more than 60 years, yet very few know of its existence. Foam concrete can be considered a type of concrete that has a large amount of tiny air bubbles inside it. This property gives it

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CLC is also known as Cellular Lightweight Concrete / Foam concrete, which is widely used in the construction across the Globe. Iyantra provides a complete solution to set up CLC plants on turnkey basis. Iyantra's made in India CLC Plants are known for highest Quality and Robustness.

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Making Foam for Lightweight Foamed Concrete. EAB Associates supply two models of foam generators which are used to make foam for making foamed concrete / cellular lightweight concrete (CLC). They are: EABASSOC Foam Generator; EABASSOC Junior Foam Generator (The Junior Foam Generator is a smaller version of the regular foam generator).

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The bubbles in lightweight concrete with well engineered liquid foam concentrates do not lose their volume. The pre-formed foam lightweight concrete products made from top quality liquid foam concentrates do not collapse. Air cell stability is the mark of a superior foam concentrate and foam generator combination.

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Cellular lightweight concrete (CLWC) is a mixture of cement, water, and pre-formed foam. This material is mixed to a pumped into any void and specified density. The fundamentals are simple, but the application and the ability to mix properly and at high production rates can be challenging.

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Introduction to lightweight concrete: Light concrete is made of lightweight aggregate, it is also called foam concrete. Since this cement consists of lightweight aggregates, it is used in coarse aggregates and sand, clay, foamy slag, clinker, and crushed stone, aggregates of organic and inorganic.. This concrete saves 15 to 20 % in the cost of construction of floors and roofs.

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Geofill Cellular Concrete products are lightweight materials specifically designed to provide engineers and contractors with a range of low density solutions for any number of geotechnical and construction projects. Applications include Annular Space Grouting, Load Reducing Fill, Tunnel Backfill, Filling Abandonments, Underwater Placement, Protection of Timber Piles, Open Cut Backfill, Permeable Road

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Sep 25,  · Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLWC) is relatively a new material having cementitious properties, incorporated with mechanically entrained foam in the cement based slurry or mortar which can manufacture in a varying densities ranging from 300 kg/m 3 to 1850 kg/m 3.With the increase in future requirement of the construction material, the CLWC is presently believed to have a promising

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Foamed concrete is a lightweight mixture of a cementitious binder, water, a stable preformed foam, and, possibly, fine aggregates. It possesses a cellular microstructure, which makes it a highly air-entrained system with typical physical and mechanical properties.

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cellular light weight concrete. The properties of cellular light weight concrete are directly or indirectly related to its density, such as the strength of the cellular light weight concrete decreases exponentially with the reduction in its density. Thermal and sound insulation is increased with the reduction in density.

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Foam concrete, Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC), Low Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC), aircrete, foamed concrete, foamcrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete, is defined as a cement based slurry, with a minimum of 20% (per volume) foam entrained into the plastic mortar.


KEYWORDS: Foam Concrete, Light Weight Concrete, Density, Strength, Specific Strength INTRODUCTION Foam concrete17 is a mixture of cement, fine sand, water and special foam which once hardened results in a strong, lightweight concrete containing millions of evenly distributed, consistently sized air bubbles or cells. The density of

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Tongrun cellular lightweight concrete Foaming Agent Advantages. 1 Low cost / high concentration. Tongrun cellular lightweight Foaming Agent has a LOW USAGE rate and it is this which must be considered when choosing a foaming agent, not just its basic price per litre.

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lightweight concrete, neat-cement cellular concrete, pervious cellular lightweight concrete, and sanded cellular concrete. Cellular concrete is most typically placed by pumping. The cell structure of smart foam liquid concentrate-produced cellular concretes are not affected by long pump runs

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May 25,  · Foam concrete is a free-flowing concrete and can be placed without compaction. When placing in foundation or excavations, foam concrete conforms to every subgrade contour. Foam concrete can be pumped easily with relatively low pressure over a long distance. Foam concrete is very long-lived material. It does not decompose and it is as durable as

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Canadian Cellular Concrete Services, Inc. Licensed Lightweight Foamed Cement Contractor in Canada. Canadian Cellular Concrete Services, Inc. is supported with parent company Pacific International Grout Company’s (PIGCO) complete line of cementing equipment which is conveniently accessible to both the West Coast and East Coast of Canada.

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Dec 13,  · Lightweight concrete also known as foamed concrete, foam concrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete. It is defined as a cement based slurry, with a minimum of 20% (per volume) foam entrained into the plastic mortar. As mostly no coarse aggregate is used for production of foam concrete the correct term would be called

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Make lightweight foam concrete production a simple task on your jobsite with the MAI ® FOG foam concrete universal generator – used around the world wherever versatile porous lightweight concrete is needed.. If you are looking for equipment for fully automated production of lightweight concrete, you need look no further than the MAI ® range of cellular foam concrete machines – including

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Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC) contains type (I) II‐V Portland cement, water, and a preformed foam. The foam looks like shaving cream and is varied in quantity to control the unit weight of the cellular concrete. These air voids are established in the material via the introduction of either a protein-based or synthetic-based foaming

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concrete Expanded polystyrene pro c e s s e d to a nominal density of 1 pound per cubic foot, can be used as aggre g a t e in lightweight insulating concre t e . Ty p i c a l l y, polystyrene bead light-weight insulating concrete consists of Type I or Type II portland cement, p o l y s t y r ene aggre g a t e , air entra i n - ing agent and water.

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Lightweight foam concrete or cellular concrete is a type of lightweight concrete produce by. introducing foaming agent to the cement paste. There are no chemical reactions in this method and considered. most controllable and economical process, lightweight foam concrete is a mixture of

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LithoPore Aerated Concrete–LPAC - Innovative construction technology with foam concrete machinery,cellular lightweight concrete,foam generators,foaming agents

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Foamed Cellular Light Weight Concrete. By Kaushal Kishore, Materials Engineer, Roorkee. Foamed concrete, also called cellular light weight concrete is produced by the mixing of Portland cement, sand including or alone fly ash, water and preformed stable foam. The foam is produced with the help of a foam generator by using foaming agent.

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ii) The main ingredient in lightweight concrete that makes it lighter than normal mix concrete is what is referred to as a foaming agent. This foaming agent when mixed with sand, cement and water produces a slurry, the mixing process incorporates small enclosed AIR BUBBLES within the mortar

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Foam Concrete Foamed Lightweight Concrete. Porofoam is a range of low density foam concrete designed specifically for voidfill, stabilisation and other lightweight applications. Air and gases in the tank are gradually displaced by the foamed concrete . Being a cellular fill, Porofoam is less prone to penetration from external contaminants.

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concrete typically contains no sand or aggregate [1]. Cellular lightweight concrete is slurry of cement, sand, water, fly ash and preformed stable foam generated by. foam generating machine [2

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Foam concrete (FC) has the potential of being an alternative to ordinary concrete, as it reduces dead loads on the structure and foundation, contributes to energy conservation, and lowers the cost of production and labor cost during the construction and transportation. The paper reports a

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Aerated, lightweight, foamed concrete technology from the. The cellular structure of LITEBUILT® Aerated Concrete requires specialised fasteners for the attachment of both structural framing members and non-structural fittings.

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Foam concrete or lightweight concrete derived from Allied's aqueous foams are suitable for both precast and cast-in-place applications. Good strength characteristics with reduced weight make lightweight concrete based on Allied's aqueous foams suitable for structural and semi-structural